80s Makeup Looks: Iconic Styles Reimagined!

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80s makeup looks feature bold colors, dramatic eyeshadow, and vibrant lips, capturing the essence of the era. These looks often include bright blush, intense contouring, and defined eyebrows for a striking appearance that defined the 1980s beauty trends.

The makeup styles of the 80s were all about making a statement and embracing individuality, with iconic trends like blue eyeshadow, neon hues, and glossy lips taking center stage. Let’s dive into the world of 80s makeup looks and explore how you can recreate these bold and iconic styles today.

80s Makeup Looks: Iconic Styles Reimagined!

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Introduction To ’80s Makeup Trends

The ’80s was an era characterized by bold fashion and vibrant makeup trends that continue to inspire beauty enthusiasts today. From neon eyeshadows to dramatic blush and bold lips, ’80s makeup looks were all about making a statement. Let’s delve into the introduction of ’80s makeup trends and explore the cultural influences that shaped this iconic aesthetic.

The Bold And Vibrant Aesthetic

The ’80s makeup trends were defined by their bold and vibrant aesthetic, with a focus on intense colors and striking contrasts. Neon eyeshadows, bright blush, and bold lip colors were the hallmarks of this era. Makeup artists and enthusiasts embraced the concept of “more is more,” creating looks that were daring and unapologetically bold.

Cultural Influences On Makeup

Cultural influences played a significant role in shaping ’80s makeup trends. The music, fashion, and pop culture of the era had a direct impact on the beauty standards of the time. Iconic figures such as Madonna and Cyndi Lauper influenced makeup trends with their distinctive looks, while the rise of MTV and music videos brought avant-garde makeup styles into the mainstream.

Signature Elements Of ’80s Beauty

The ’80s beauty scene was defined by bold makeup looks, featuring vibrant eyeshadows, dramatic eyeliner, and bright blush. Iconic elements included bold brows, intense contouring, and glossy lips, capturing the essence of the era’s glamorous and edgy style.

The ‘80s was an era of bold fashion statements, and the makeup looks of the time were no exception. The ‘80s makeup was all about bright colors, defined contours, and exaggerated features. In this article, we will be discussing the signature elements of ‘80s beauty that made it so iconic and memorable.

Bright Eyeshadow Palettes

One of the most prominent features of ‘80s makeup was the use of bright eyeshadow palettes. The ‘80s saw the rise of neon colors and bold hues, which were used liberally in eyeshadows. Electric blues, neon pinks, and vibrant greens were some of the most popular colors used in eyeshadows during this time. These colors were often paired with black eyeliner and mascara to create a striking contrast.

Blush Draping Techniques

Another signature element of ‘80s beauty was the use of blush draping techniques. Blush draping involves using blush to contour the cheeks and create a lifted effect. In the ‘80s, blush draping was taken to the extreme with bold colors and exaggerated shapes. The cheeks were contoured with bright pinks and oranges, and the blush was extended up towards the temples to create a dramatic effect. In conclusion, the ‘80s makeup looks were all about bold colors and exaggerated features. Bright eyeshadow palettes and blush draping techniques were some of the signature elements of ‘80s beauty that made it so unique and memorable. If you want to recreate the ‘80s look, don’t be afraid to go bold and experiment with bright colors and exaggerated contours.

Famous Faces And Their Impact

The 80s was an iconic era for makeup, with famous faces leaving a lasting impact on beauty trends. From Madonna’s bold and revolutionary looks to David Bowie’s androgynous appeal, the 80s makeup looks were a defining aspect of the decade’s culture and fashion.

Madonna’s Makeup Revolution

Madonna’s influence on 80s makeup was unparalleled. Her signature bold eyebrows, striking red lips, and defined cheekbones became the epitome of 80s glamour. Madonna’s fearless approach to makeup revolutionized the beauty standards of the time, inspiring countless individuals to embrace self-expression through their appearance.

David Bowie’s Androgynous Appeal

David Bowie’s androgynous makeup looks challenged traditional gender norms and left an indelible mark on the 80s. His bold use of colorful eyeshadows and dramatic contours blurred the lines between masculinity and femininity. Bowie’s fearless experimentation with makeup continues to inspire artists and makeup enthusiasts to embrace creativity without boundaries.

Revival Of ’80s Makeup In Modern Times

The 1980s were a decade known for its bold and vibrant fashion trends, and makeup was no exception. From neon eyeshadows to heavy blush and bold lips, ’80s makeup looks were all about making a statement. While these trends may have faded away in the following decades, they have recently experienced a resurgence in popularity.

Runway Resurgence

One of the main reasons for the revival of ’80s makeup looks in modern times is their appearance on the runways. Fashion designers and makeup artists have been drawing inspiration from the past, bringing back the iconic styles and giving them a contemporary twist. Models strutting down the catwalks with brightly colored eyeshadows, exaggerated blush, and glossy lips are proof that the ’80s makeup trend is back in full force.

Social Media And Nostalgia

Social media platforms have also played a significant role in the resurgence of ’80s makeup looks. With the rise of nostalgic content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, users are embracing the throwback trend and experimenting with vintage-inspired makeup. Influencers and beauty enthusiasts are sharing tutorials and photos of their ’80s-inspired looks, inspiring others to embrace the bold and daring makeup styles of the past.

The nostalgia factor also contributes to the appeal of ’80s makeup looks. Many individuals who grew up during the 1980s have fond memories of the vibrant and daring fashion choices of the time. Bringing back these makeup trends allows them to relive those memories and express their individuality through their appearance.

Furthermore, the resurgence of ’80s makeup looks aligns with the current cultural shift towards inclusivity and self-expression. These bold and vibrant makeup styles offer individuals a chance to break away from traditional beauty standards and embrace their unique style and personality.

In conclusion, the revival of ’80s makeup looks in modern times can be attributed to their presence on the runways and the influence of social media. This throwback trend allows individuals to embrace nostalgia, express their individuality, and break away from traditional beauty standards. Whether you’re a fan of the ’80s or simply looking to make a bold statement, incorporating elements of ’80s makeup into your beauty routine is a fun and exciting way to experiment with different looks.

Step-by-step Guide: ’80s Eye Makeup

Achieve the perfect ’80s eye makeup look with this step-by-step guide. Learn how to recreate the bold and vibrant colors, winged eyeliner, and dramatic lashes that were iconic of the ’80s era. Unleash your inner retro glam with this nostalgic makeup trend.

The ’80s were known for their bold and vibrant makeup looks, and one of the most iconic aspects was the eye makeup. From bright blue eyeshadow to perfectly winged liner, these trends are making a comeback today. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through how to recreate the classic ’80s eye makeup looks.

Creating The Perfect Blue Eyeshadow Look

To achieve the classic ’80s blue eyeshadow look, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start by applying a neutral eyeshadow base to your eyelids. This will help the blue eyeshadow pop and stay in place.
  2. Using a fluffy blending brush, apply a bright blue eyeshadow to the entire eyelid. Make sure to blend it well for a seamless look.
  3. To add depth, apply a darker blue shade to the outer corner of the eye and blend it into the crease.
  4. For a touch of drama, apply a shimmery silver eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye and blend it towards the center.
  5. Finish off the look with several coats of mascara and voila! You have successfully recreated the ’80s blue eyeshadow look.

Mastering The Winged Liner

Winged liner was a staple of ’80s eye makeup, and here’s how you can master it:

  1. Start by applying a thin line of black eyeliner along your upper lash line. This will act as a guide for your wing.
  2. Next, create a small flick at the outer corner of your eye by extending the line upwards and outwards.
  3. Connect the flick to the rest of the liner by drawing a line along your upper lash line.
  4. Fill in the winged area with more eyeliner, gradually making it thicker towards the outer corner.
  5. For a more dramatic look, you can extend the wing further or make it thicker.
  6. Complete the look by applying mascara to your lashes for added definition.

Now that you know the step-by-step process for creating ’80s eye makeup looks, you can confidently rock these bold and retro styles. Remember to have fun and experiment with different colors and techniques to make the look your own!

The Art Of ’80s Cheeks And Contour

Sculpting With Bold Blush

In the 1980s, bold blush was a key element of makeup looks. Sculpting the cheeks with vibrant hues was popular, creating a striking and defined appearance. The application was often extended from the apples of the cheeks up towards the temples, emphasizing the cheekbones. This technique added a youthful and radiant glow to the face, making it a signature feature of ’80s makeup.

Highlighting And Contouring Tips

Highlighting and contouring were essential for achieving the iconic ’80s makeup looks. Contouring was used to define the facial structure, often with darker shades applied under the cheekbones, along the jawline, and on the sides of the nose. Meanwhile, highlighting was used to accentuate the high points of the face, such as the cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of the nose. This created a sculpted and chiseled effect, enhancing the overall makeup look.

Lips: From Subtle To Statement


Lips play a key role in 80s makeup looks, ranging from subtle to statement styles.

Glossy Lips And Their Comeback

Glossy lips are making a comeback in the beauty scene, adding a touch of glamour.

Choosing The Right Lip Color

Selecting the right lip color is crucial to complete your 80s makeup look.

80s Makeup Looks: Iconic Styles Reimagined!

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Accessorizing Your ’80s Makeup Look

Accessories play a crucial role in completing your ’80s makeup look.

Incorporating Hair And Fashion

Style your hair in big curls or crimped waves to complement your bold makeup.

Choose bold, colorful clothing pieces like neon tops or leather jackets.

Jewelry And Makeup Synergy

Pair bright statement earrings with vibrant eyeshadows and lip colors.

Opt for chunky bracelets or layered necklaces to enhance your overall look.



Diy ’80s Makeup: Product Recommendations

Looking to rock a bold ’80s makeup look? Here are some product recommendations to help you achieve that retro glam.

Best Palettes For Retro Looks

  • Urban Decay Vice Palette
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette
  • NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette Brights

Tools For The Perfect Application

  • Fluffy eyeshadow brush
  • Angled eyeliner brush
  • Beauty blender or makeup sponge
80s Makeup Looks: Iconic Styles Reimagined!

Credit: www.pinterest.com

Modern Celebrities Embracing ’80s Beauty

Modern celebrities are embracing ’80s beauty with bold and vibrant makeup looks. From neon eyeshadows to bold blush and glossy lips, these iconic ’80s trends are making a comeback in the world of beauty, adding a touch of nostalgia to modern-day glamour.

Influencers’ Take On Vintage Styles

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna have been spotted sporting bold ’80s makeup looks. Jenner often rocks neon eyeshadows and exaggerated blush reminiscent of the iconic era. Rihanna embraces the retro trend with bright lip colors and dramatic eyeliner.

Red Carpet ’80s Revivals

At prestigious events, stars such as Zendaya and Lady Gaga pay homage to the ’80s beauty trends. Zendaya stuns with voluminous hair and shimmering metallic eyeshadows. Lady Gaga turns heads with statement red lips and sculpted brows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Were Popular 80s Makeup Looks?

Popular 80s makeup looks included bold eyeshadows, bright blush, and bold lips.

How Can I Recreate 80s Makeup Looks?

To recreate 80s makeup looks, use bold colors, neon hues, and glitter. Don’t be afraid to go bold!

What Makeup Products Were Popular In The 80s?

Some popular makeup products in the 80s were blue eyeshadow, bright blush, and frosted lipstick.

How Can I Incorporate 80s Makeup Into My Modern Look?

You can incorporate 80s makeup into your modern look by using bright colors, bold blush, and glossy lips.

What Are Some Tips For Achieving A Flawless 80s Makeup Look?

Some tips for achieving a flawless 80s makeup look include using a primer, blending well, and layering colors for a bold effect.


To wrap up, 80s makeup looks offer a vibrant and bold aesthetic that continues to inspire today. From intense eyeshadow shades to exaggerated blush and glossy lips, these iconic styles allow for self-expression and creativity. Incorporating elements of the past into modern makeup routines can add a touch of nostalgia and individuality.

So, embrace the power of 80s makeup and unleash your inner retro glam. Get ready to turn heads and make a statement with these timeless looks.


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