Nail Magic Nail File


Nail Magic Nail File

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Nail Magic Nail File, this sapphire file is a precision crafted file for gentle shaping and has a long lasting surface. Use it for shaping and finishing your nail, this will help prevent splitting and cracking.
Nail Tips,

  • Make sure your nails are perfectly dry, because wet nails can tend to split.
  • File your nails at 45 degrees to the bottom side of the nail tips. Do not hold the file in the perpendicular position to the nail tip.
  • Before filing, make sure your nails are at least one quarter inch from the nail bed, that’s past the pink part of the nail.
  • Apply very little pressure to the file and only file in one direction to get a smooth finish.
  • Use a short stroke followed by a long stroke while filing.
  • To help prevent your nails from breaking, make your nail tips into an oval or square shape.
  • After you have made your desired shape, wash and moisturise your nails.

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